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Heat Resistant Plastics

Polyimide P84®NT and P84®UHT powder unite the outstanding properties of polyimide, such as high temperature stability up to 350°C, chemical resistance, high mechanical strength, a low friction coefficient and minimal abrasion. 

Using sinter technology, this not meltable polyimide powder can be manufactured into semi-finished products and components. Industrial applications profiting from this material’s effectiveness range from automotive industry and aerospace to industrial applications and office machines. 

Compounds with solid lubricants like graphite, molybdenum sulfide or PTFE can be used for tribologically demanding applications.
- Excellent performance at high temperatures - High strength and excellent shape stability
- Very good impact resistance
- High heat deflection temperature
- Very good creep resistance even at elevated temperatures
- Machinable with standard tools
- Low wear and friction behavior
breaks: friction pad, valve seat, wear pad fuel system: bushing, seal ring, valve seat bearings, charging valve and bearing retainer in turbo cargers
transmission: seal ring, thrust washer, valve seat, ball check valve
other areas: thrust plugs and washer in electrical motors, vane pump, hinge bushing in doors
seal rings, piston rings, gears, locknut inserts, thrust washers PI powder as filler in composite structures to improve impact strength
bearing sleeve and roller bushing in copiers resin bonds for abrasive particles
bearings and shedding bush in textile machines
vanes and poppet valve in refrigeration compressor
piston rings
PI powder as functional filler to improve creep resistance of thermoplastic parts
Electronics / Semiconductor
micro-switch and transducer in insulators bearing, center pin, vacuum pad in wafer processing
guide pieces and insulators for wafers
insulators and wear strips in IC-operability
ferrules for gas chromatography vacuum gasket in vacuum equipments
bearings in ovens
P84® Polyimide Powder - Unique powder material manufactures by Evonik

A unique powder material

High performance powders with unique properties for mechanical engineering applications.

P84® NT Polyimide Powder

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