Aufbereitungstechnik Fibre Blends (pdf, 681,82 KB)

Fibre blends – 2008-03: Improving the economical and technical performance of filters


Filtering Flue Gas (pdf, 1,17 MB)

The role of the filter media in the flue gas cleaning process of a waste incineration plant


Filtration with High-efficiency Fibres in Coal-fired Boiler Applications (pdf, 1,94 MB)

On site performance test of a filter material in a coal fired boilder plant.


Global Cement, December 2014 - Let your bag house breath (pdf, 1,94 MB)

Georg Rathwallner, Alcsandru Barbulescu and K N Rao discuss their experiences with P84 bags in case studies from lime and cement kilns.


Indian Cement Review - Do cost savings and environmental protection oppose (pdf, 294,08 KB)

Comparative testing of different filter materials with respect to pressure drop development


International Cement Review, 01-2015 - Material Differences (pdf, 1,18 MB)

Massimiliano Aragona and Florin Popovici describe the improvement of bag filter materials in the Cimenti Rossi plant in Piacenza.


Ready for the Future. The advantages of needle felts from installation to disposal. (pdf, 1,50 MB)

Advantes of needle felts from installation to disposal


Sonderdruck aus UmweltMagazin 12 - 2008 (pdf, 1,40 MB)

View on the filter media in the filtration process of municipal waste incinerators (German).


Suitable fibre materials for different dust sources in a cement plant (pdf, 288,35 KB)

G. Rathwallner gives an overview about suitable fibre materials for different dust sources in a cement plant.


Troubleshooting Frequent Baghouse Operating Problems (pdf, 1,42 MB)

Analysis and solutions for bag house operating problems


VGB Powertech, 7/2012 - High-efficiency filtration in dry/semi-dry FGD plants (pdf, 7,30 MB)

Florin Popovici describes the filtration mechanisms and the importance of the filter media in a combined filtration and desulphiurization process.


World Cement Kiln Dedusting (pdf, 1,15 MB)

2007-11: Günter Gasparin reports on P84 filter media in a kiln dedusting system in France.


World Cement Saving Money in the Baghouse (pdf, 926,05 KB)

2008-04: Georg Rathwallner quantifies the possible reductions of operating and maintenance costs available by choosing the correct filter media