Press release
October 6, 2015

2015 Dry Scrubber Users Conference

 A number of 175 delegates and 19 exhibitors were attending the 2015 DSUA conference in Rapid City last 16th. amd 17th. September. Besides various end-users from the power industry ,4 major OEM’s for gas cleaning equipment and 3 bag makers from the filtration industry created an interesting community with an intense networking activity.
Evonik Fibres was nominated to present the paper "New Concept for Increasing the Dry Scrubber / Bag House System Efficiency". The concept presented by Florin Popovici includes the use of an in situ test rig with three single filter elements. By varying the type of filter media or the operating parameters the collection efficiency of various undesired substances can be improved. Applied to the main filter unit associated with a dry FGD system, the new concept, translated into a P84 surface based filter media, will lead to significant reagent savings and an increased system efficiency.