Press release
November 7, 2011

Chinese Bag House Association award goes to Evonik Fibres!

This award was handed over in recognition for the technical support and the achievements for the Chinese environmental industry to reduce emissions.
Evonik Fibres has been active in China for more than 15 years and during that period 3 new fibres have been introduced to China by Evonik to battle pollution and increase filtration efficiency of filter media.
Main product are P84® polyimide fibres which today are recognized to be the fibre with the best filtration even under harsh chemical conditions and temperatures up to 260° C.
Apart from P84® fibres Evonik also introduced PPS fibres and PAN fibres which are predominantly used for coal fired boiler applications, into the Chinese filtration market. Today these three fibres dominate the market for high temperature filtration and the majority of established companies in the business use them to reduce dust emissions well below legal limits.
All this was made possible by the great support and activity of our representative Mr. Stanley Hu who is based in Shanghai and takes care of our customer base as well as end users in China. Since Feb. 2011 Mr. Hu has been supported by Mr. Guo Chong whose main activities are in the cement industry which is the biggest market for P84® in China. This reward was also handed over to BWF Wuxi who is a key customer of Evonik Fibres in China and in Offingen, Germany where they have the head quarters.