Health and Safety

Health Safety and Environment

As an innovative organisation offering advanced products for clean air requirements, we take responsibility for protecting the safety and health of our employees and commit ourselves to active environmental protection for the society and future generations.
To ensure the future progress of our company the highest possible quality of our products is of greatest significance to us. We oblige ourselves to observe the relevant social requirements and statutory regulations under environmental law and to ensure continuous improvement of health, safety, environment and quality, while orienting ourselves along the best available technology, if economically feasible.

Management System

Our management system ensures the appropriate organisational precautions to prevent unnecessary burdens to the environment. Fast recognition of deficits and introduction of improvements are the main targets.
Our integrated management system links environmental management with quality, health & safety management. Thus we avoid overlaps and create a uniform structure in our management system. 
Our management system fully meets the requirements of ISO 14.001, ISO 9001 and BS OHSAS 18001. Safety issues are covered as well.

Products from a clean production

Our main products are fibres for high-temperature resistant bag filters designed to reduce dust emissions to a minimum. They are used in waste incineration plants, cement mills, power plants and therefore contribute to maintain a sound and healthy environment.
But apart from manufacturing products serving environmental protection, we care about making production as environmentally compatible and as safe as possible. Several measures have been and are still being taken to that effect. 
It is our aim to continuously remove burdens on the environment generated by our business operations and to eliminate weak points. However, this will be achieved only if all of us contribute. Therefore environmental protection is a central concern to all our employees at our location. 
This is our understanding of a „product from a clean production“!