High Temperature Filtration - P84®

High Temperature Filtration

P84® high performance polymer fibres are among the best suitable filter fabric base materials for flue gas dedusting at temperatures up to 260 °C. 

Most of the relevant industrial dedusting processes such as filtration units for municipal waste incinerators, cement plants, coal fired boilers and metallurgical processes operate within a range between 100 °C and 260 °C. 

The profile makes the difference

The unique multilobal profile of P84® fibres creates an extremely high specific surface area. The guarantee for advanced filtration performance and fulfillment of guarantees.

P84® Applications in Dry Filtration

Changing flue gas conditions are caused by using a variety of fuels, as well as switching the kiln filter from direct mode to compound mode. High CO and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) values can be generated by the extensive use of secondary fuels in the precalciner. The partly abrasive dust is a crucial parameter for the filter media in terms of delamination. Because of the high alkaline content, the bypass filter is a true challenge for the filter media.

The ever increasing demand for higher cement quality is a challenge  for the grinding system and the high amount of fine dust requires a highly effective filter media. Therefore P84® based filter media can be found in following filter units of a cement plant. 

- Kiln Filter: P84®
- Clinker Mill Filter: P84® blended with PET and PAN
- Alkali Bypass Filter: P84®/PTFE blends
- Clinker Cooler Filter: P84®


Günter Gasparin

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